What are the types of DC AC power converters?



A DC AC power converter is a device that uses electronic circuitry to convert direct current (DC) power to alternating current (AC) power. Therefore, it is also called an inverter. The modified wattage can be used to power home appliances that run on AC, including microwave ovens, televisions, radios, and computers. They can also be used to operate sensitive electronic equipment such as microprocessor-based instruments that require a clean, low-distortion sine wave input for operation. Car adapters and large grid-tied devices (devices that supply alternating current to businesses and homes) also have inverters. Just connect the inverter to your battery and use it to run your AC unit!

DC AC Power Converter: Type

There are three types of DC AC power converters: square wave, pure sine wave, and modified sine wave.

1. Pure sine wave converter: Most expensive as it produces a regulated low distortion (less than 3%) AC output. They are typically used in sensitive devices such as medical equipment and laser printers.

2. Modified Sine Wave: Provides a stepped or rectangular wave output. Used in automotive inverters as a low-cost alternative to pure sine wave converters DWE. Generates an output voltage waveform with two levels of zero or peak or both polarities. Pricing is typically between 0.05 and 0.10 per watt.

3. Square Wave: The simplest, cheapest, and low-quality power generation. Therefore, it is no longer used commercially.

Converters are commonly used in vehicles to power consumer electronics including laptop computers and LCD TVs.

DC AC Power Converters: How They Work

Early in their production history, these devices worked with electromagnets. However, newer models use an oscillator circuit for their operation. It works through the complex process of generating AC power using sine and square waves.

To buy a car converter, you need to match the voltage to the voltage of your car battery. You also need to determine the sine wave output of the transducer. Then consider a device that will run using a vehicle battery. All devices have the wattage mentioned on the packaging.

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