Trash Compactor Repair and Cleaning


Trash compactors have nothing to do with cleanliness. A trash compactor’s role is to flatten household garbage for space convenience; it doesn’t clean, sanitize or purify your garbage, although it’d be nice if it did.

Cleaning has everything to do with cleanliness. Once in a while, you really have to clean your trash compactor if you want to maintain the sanitation in your house, or in the kitchen, where trash compactors are normally placed. There is nothing worse than a dirty trash compactor.

What should you do do when your trash compactor begins to smell? Clean it, of course. Unlike cleaning a microwave or an oven, cleaning a trash compactor has to start on the outside. Don’t forget to wear protective garments, such as a pair of gloves. Get a clean cloth or sponge, spray some polish cleaner on it, and scrub the exterior of the trash compactor.

Branded cleaning agents like Stainless Steel Cleaner, Magic baler rentals Green Degreaser, or Stainless Steel Magic Spray are nice to use. If you don’t have these, a simple mixture of liquid detergent and clean water often does the job.

Sprinkle some baking soda in your trash compactor whenever you dispose of its contents. Baking soda helps sanitize the trash and reduce the foul smell. That’s huge payback for something as affordable as baking soda, isn’t it?

Some things to note when the trash compactor is turned on but won’t start: Check the fuse and check the circuit breaker. Maybe you’ve blown a fuse, or maybe the circuit breaker tripped or something. It never hurts to check these things before you call for a repairman. Try to resist the urge to repair the trash compactor-it voids the warranty, and you risk adding more damage to the appliance.


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