Sunglasses for Motorcyclists: Where to Buy Protective Riding Eyewear


Riding a motorcycle offers a thrilling sense of freedom, but it also exposes you to various elements like wind, dust, and debris that can be harmful to your eyes. Motorcycle sunglasses, designed for riders, not only provide protection but also enhance visibility and reduce glare. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of protective riding sunglasses, here’s a guide to where you can buy them.

Motorcycle Gear Stores: Specialty motorcycle gear shops are an excellent place to start your search. These stores carry a wide range of riding eyewear, often from well-known brands that cater specifically to motorcyclists.
Motorcycle Dealerships: Motorcycle dealerships often have a selection of riding gear and accessories, including cat eye cool sunglasses designed for bikers. Check with your local dealership to see what they offer.
Online Retailers: The internet provides a vast selection of motorcycle sunglasses. Websites like RevZilla, Cycle Gear, and Motorcycle Superstore offer numerous options, allowing you to read reviews and compare prices easily.
Brand Websites: Many reputable motorcycle eyewear brands, such as Wiley X, Oakley, and 100%, have their own websites. Here, you can explore their latest collections, view technical details, and make direct purchases.
Motorcycle Shows and Expos: Attending motorcycle shows and expos can be a great way to see a variety of riding eyewear options from different brands in one place. You can also consult with experts and try on different styles.
Optical Stores: Some optical stores offer motorcycle-specific eyewear designed to protect your eyes from wind and debris. They may also provide prescription options for those who require corrective lenses.
Secondhand Options: If you’re on a budget, consider checking out secondhand stores or online marketplaces like eBay or Craigslist. You might find gently used motorcycle sunglasses at a more affordable price.
When shopping for motorcycle sunglasses, consider these important factors:

Lens Technology: Look for sunglasses with shatterproof and impact-resistant lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are an excellent choice for motorcycle riding, as they provide superior protection.
Lens Color: Choose a lens color that suits the lighting conditions you’ll encounter while riding. Clear lenses are ideal for low light or night riding, while tinted or mirrored lenses work well in bright conditions.
Frame Style: Opt for sunglasses with a wraparound design to shield your eyes from wind and debris. Foam padding or gaskets can help create a snug fit and prevent airflow.
Fit: Ensure a secure and comfortable fit with sunglasses that have adjustable nose pads and temple arms. A snug fit is essential to prevent them from coming off while riding.
Polarization: Consider polarized lenses to reduce glare from the road surface and other reflective surfaces, enhancing visibility.
Protecting your eyes while riding a motorcycle is of utmost importance. Finding the perfect pair of riding sunglasses can significantly enhance your safety and comfort on the road. With numerous options available through specialty motorcycle stores, online retailers, optical shops, and more, you’re sure to find the ideal eyewear that suits both your riding needs and style. Prioritize eye safety and clear vision, and enjoy the open road with the right pair of protective riding sunglasses.


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