15 steps to a Successful Ebay Ebook Business


Here are 15 simple steps to make a success of your eBay eBook Business.

Step 1: Choose your niche or market.

Too many eBay ebook sellers list any ebook they can get their hands on, but there is nothing to say you have to copy them.

Remember quality is much better than quantity.

Choose your Niche i.e. Babies, Dieting, Fitness and build up your ebook stock on one particular subject.

Remember, when an ebayer buys an ebook from you, it’s more than likely that they are interested in that particular subject and will therefore become a repeat customer.

Step 2: Watch your competition but don’t copy them.

It’s always a good idea to find out who your competition is on eBay. I’m not telling you to copy everything they do, but at least KNOW what they are doing.

Sign up for their mailing list, learn how they are getting customers to their eBay store or items.

Watch how they promote the items they are selling. Use their experience to improve your own items and sales.

Look for any flaws they have in their auctions, perhaps they don’t link to their other items, maybe they don’t have an about me page, this is where you can move in and STEAL their customers.

Step 3: Imagine the next sale.

Try to imagine the next sale, if someone buys an ebook about keeping fit, what other mystic books ebooks would they be interested in? Perhaps healthy recipes or low fat recipes.

There are thousands of resell rights ebooks on the internet today, choose a subject you are interested in, then make it your mission to sell every ebook related to that subject.

Do this and watch your repeat customers increase daily.

Step 4: Start small and grow your ebook business.

There is no point listing thousands of ebooks immediately.

Start off small and gradually grow your eBay business.

List a few ebooks and see what works. Remember, it does not cost a high amount of money to list an ebook but listing thousands of ebooks on eBay will soon see your fees eating up all of your sales profits.

Step 5: Try, Try, and Try again.

Keep testing your ebook auctions to see what works.

Keep trying different titles and item descriptions, if your ebook is not selling it’s probably due to a bad description or title. Keep working on your auctions until you have a system that works then apply it to them.

Step 6: Use a Standard Template for all your eBay ebook auctions.

Using a standard template on your eBay auctions listings will give you a professional appearance.

If you can’t design your own template, search on the internet for free eBay templates that you can use.

Make sure your template for eBay auctions always contain links to your about me page, your feedback, your eBay shop and a link to add you as a favourite seller.

Step 7: Buy new ebooks and stay up to date.

If you have targeted a certain niche or subject and are getting repeat customers, they will eventually have purchased every ebook you have. So you have to buy new ebooks and expand your ebook business. If you don’t, you will lose the regular eBay customers you worked so hard to find.

Search on eBay and on the internet for new titles related to your subject and make sure you are selling the most up to date ebooks.

Step 8: Always offer a 100% refund.

Make sure any ebook you list on eBay is of the highest quality, then you can offer a 100% refund if a buyer is not happy.

Do not be scared to offer refunds, if the ebook you are selling contains good information and does what is says on the tin, so to speak, you won’t be inundated with refund requests.

Step 9. Read the Ebook, Use the Software.

If you are selling an ebook, always read it first. This will tell you if the ebook has good content and may also give you help composing your ebook description.

If you are selling software make sure you use it! There is nothing worse than a buyer emailing you and asking question about the software and you can’t answer it. It will make you look unprofessional and the buyer will probably never buy from you again.

It’s also a good idea to check any links in an ebook, never sell an ebook that contains outdated links or links that go to “page cannot be displayed” again buyers will not be happy with their purchase.

Step 10. Give it time.

You are not going to start selling 100 ebooks per day immediately, it takes time. So have patience.

Give ebayers and the Search Engines time to find your items for sale. Slow and steady is always a good rule, many ebook sellers will tell you that selling ebooks is simple, and it is ONCE IT IS SET UP.

Step 11. W.I.I.F.M

When you sell an ebook, or any item on eBay, ebayers will always ask themselves the same question, “What’s In It For Me?”. You need to list the benefits of buying the ebook, convince the potential buyer that they simply cannot do without this ebook.

There is not point simply rambling on about all the great things your ebook or software can do, describe exactly how the ebook will affect the buyer personally.

If it’s a dieting ebook, tell people how great they will feel when they lose weight, how happy they will be when their clothes fit better, how their self esteem will be boosted with lots of comments on their appearance from friends and family.

Step 12. Start a mailing list or newsletter.

If you have an eBay shop, you can start your own newsletter, you can use this newsletter to send out emails advising ebayers of new ebook items you have listed.

If you don’t have an eBay shop you can still set up a mailing list, I personally use Aweber but there are many auto responder mailing lists available on the Internet just perform a search on Google. Some are free but will include advertising or limit you to only 10 messages.

Step 13: Automate as much as you can.

As you eBay eBook Business grows you will begin to sell lots of ebooks. You will need to devise a system for ensuring buyers receive their downloads. There are many good instant digital delivery systems you can use. I recommend MYDD, you can fully automate all your ebook deliveries.

Step 14. Back End Sales.

When you make an ebook sale on eBay always follow it up with a polite email to ask if the buyer received their download.

Remember you don’t have to simply give a buyer a direct download link, send them to a download page. On this download page you can have a sign form to your Autoresponder, you could have a link to your website or you could have a link for an affiliate product that will earn you a commission.

Step 15: Don’t Give Up!

No matter how low your sales are, no matter how bad things look, don’t give up.

It may even look like everything is going wrong! But stick with it!

Just keep trying and testing. It takes time to build up an eBay ebook business but if you keep working hard you will finally make a breakthrough.

If your ebooks are not selling change the title or the description.

Each time you sell an ebook, improve the listing, don’t simply click to relist, that’s plain lazy! Try and improve your item listing every single time.

Apply these simple 15 steps and you will make your eBay eBook Business a success.


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