Why Restaurants Should Use Mobile Ordering


Until recently smartphones were simply a far off idea, but now smartphones are everywhere, and everyone owns them. More specifically almost 85% of Americans own some brand of smartphone, and the technology that is implemented within these devices have been increasing exponentially. The main users of smartphones are those from 19-30 year olds which is why there is no question as to why using smartphones to place orders has become so popular. This fad is by no means new, Pizza Hut, one of the many companies that offer the convenient technology to their customers, has been using mobile ordering since 2009.

Since Pizza Hut got the jump on mobile ordering, many other competitors have followed in their footsteps. One restaurant, Chipotle, offered ordering on the go and it became so popular that it crashed the servers. Following suit, Taco Bell also tried the new technology and was a huge success with the customers. McDonalds has also been testing the waters with purchases via mobile device and how it could be beneficial to them. There is no wonder why all these fast food restaurants are trying to hop on the mobile ordering bus. With the amount of smartphone users increasing every day, the amount of people willing to use mobile devices to place orders, will to increase. For a restaurant to stay with the times, they must continue to keep up with technology, including mobile ordering for their customers.

74% of consumers between the ages of 17-34 say that they would order take-out and delivery through ordering with mobile devices. With how quickly technology has been advancing, mobile ordering is sure to only get more advance.

With so many businesses starting to use mobile devices to place orders, it is not crazy to think of how much profit will come of this. It is estimated that by 2017, nearly 720 billion dollars will be contributed towards mobile qr code ordering. As time continues it can be estimated that mobile ordering revenues will only continue to increase, dramatically. With businesses from Starbucks to McDonalds using mobile ordering, it has become a popular must have for customers.

In the article 5 Benefits of Online Ordering for Restaurants, there are many positives that come out of mobile ordering. For example, solves the problem of online payments when it has the ability to connect your mobile ordering app to a mobile wallet app. It takes away the uncertainty of paying with cash or credit card because it has the option of connecting to sync your apps to make payments without the risk of fraud. Mobile ordering can also benefit the restaurant that is offering this service through the analytics that can be provided; these include behavioral, purchase-oriented data, as well as making food in general faster. All restaurants from sit downs, take out, and fast food places, mobile ordering will allow customers quicker satisfaction in our world that is now driven for instant gratification.

Along with the previously stated benefits, 529 Mobile Solutions has some additional arguments in their article, The Mobile Minute: 5 Reasons That Every Restaurant Needs an Ordering App, that make the transition to mobile ordering seem like a no brainer.

1. First off, you will get larger orders rolling in. Some restaurants have found that the size of online orders is up to 25% larger orders! People spend hour’s online everyday and it is only smart to reach new and existing customers where they are, so online seems like the place to be.

2. Going alone with customers being online, they are also mobile! Having an ordering app can allow them to submit orders no matter what environment they are located in.

3. An app will also smooth out the ordering process, with the ability for the customer to easily make customized requests and having a record of the order there are less mistakes to be made and less frustrated customers to serve. With everyone making the transition to mobile ordering you can stay ahead of your competition by getting a mobile app for your restaurant.


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