Water Soluble Labels what you need to know


What’s better than a label that you can’t remove? A label that disappears when you no longer need it! Magic? Maybe. Available to buy now? Yes! We’re always here for label innovation, and if that innovation makes us feel even just a little bit like David Blaine (and is a truly excellent product) we’re sold. Our new line of water soluble labels – literally there one minute, gone the next – tick all of the boxes: innovative, eco-friendly, superb print results, and gone with the wave of a wand (well with a little bit of water but you get our point). Tick, tick, tick, and tick. Here’s our quick guide to water soluble labels which includes plenty of reasons why they might be the perfect solution for your label requirements: When the manufacturers say that they are water soluble, that’s the absolute truth. They dissolve in about 30 seconds after the application of cold water (warm water, or water with cleaning agents makes the labels dissolve in double quick time.) They leave no residue at all. Water soluble labels dissolve completely during the cleaning process (whether that means washing by hand or by industrial machine) and both the label paper and the adhesive used is completely water soluble film suppliers, so no solid residue remains after the cleaning process. Now that’s magic! There are versions available for almost every industry and label application. Need to relabel food containers in a busy catering business and don’t want to layer labels as it’s unhygienic? Use water soluble labels.  Work in a lab environment and need to temporarily label glassware and other equipment? Use water soluble labels.  Is your fast-paced logistics business getting slowed down by time consuming label removal? Use water soluble labels. Need non-toxic easy-to-remove labels suitable for use with small children? Use water soluble labels. They’re very versatile. There are water soluble label solutions suitable for direct thermal printers, as well as labels suitable for thermal transfer printers, we stock a range of label sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and finishes to suit a huge range of applications and settings. We can also supply your labels blank or pre-printed if required.

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