Urine a Serious Problem in Bars and Clubs


Bars and nightclubs are places crawling with bad smells. Whether its vomit or body odour, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the general population finds them disgusting. One smell which really knocks me about is the scent of urine when you walk into bathrooms. Thankfully, a new product has hit the market which aims to clean up pee more efficiently.

Urinefree is a cleaning product that is both easy to use and good for the environment. The product contains a bio-enzyme which is harsher than other cleaning products to help remove the odours and stains. Urine is made up of urea, urochrome and uric acid. Normal cleaning products used to scrub most toilet floors; walls and sealing get rid of the water soluble components in urine, but often leave behind the non-soluble uric acid crystals – which retain the smell. Many cleaners try to mask the Brewery Bellingha remaining smell by spraying perfumes, but if the stain is still caked over the tiles, the toilet will still smell bad.

Urinefree works like this. First you use a pocket sized torch over an area and if urine is present, the torch will light up. After treating the surface by following the instructions, you’re able to check the area with the torch again. What makes this product even better is that the particles used to make it up are bio degradable so not only is it friendly on the nose, but on the earth as well.

However, without sounding completely like I’ve been paid to sell Urinefree; it is interesting to note a few things to prevent stinky toilets when you head out. It’s not that hard to imagine how urine gets over the walls and floors of not only the toilet, but other parts of the clubs and bars as well. Beer and other spirits are consumed in truckloads in Australia. This means people are visiting the bathrooms frequently. As people especially men drink more and more, their judgement becomes further impaired and when they head to empty their bladders, their aim can often be effected. Consequently, urine ends up in other places apart from the toilet bowl. Urine filters into other parts of bars and clubs because when we go to the bathrooms to do our business, our shoes and clothes come into contact with the floors and walls. Then we walk back out to the dance floor, taking the smell with us. It’s all about personal care and respecting public property.


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