Trim Down to the Selling Details in Your Barber Shop Brochures


A barber shop brochure can include nothing more than the bare details, but if you’re looking for more customers, then you have to add some necessary details so they will do their job. These details are not so many, either; in fact, after you read this article, you can add them to your brochures right away!

Top Selling Elements of Barber Shop Brochures

o Include real photos of your shop. This will give your Barber shop supply a unique personality, and will give your reader visual images they can imagine themselves in.

o If you have promos, let them know right away! Print it right in front of your brochures, letting them know about your promo and then inviting them to read more inside. This is a good template to work with if you regularly have promos and don’t want to create a new brochure design from scratch with each one. But if you can afford brochure printing for specific promos, you can create two-page ones in addition to your regular promotional brochures.

o Include testimonials from regular customers. Genuine positive testimonials from regular customers can shine in ways that a fake testimonial you made yourself can’t. Your regulars may notice special characteristics about your business that even you may not have noticed yourself!

o Invite them to come over! You’ve told them how you started, what your services are, and everything else your potential clients may need to know. Now, don’t leave them hanging; invite them to call or come over to experience your services! You can even do some services at a discount for first timers, if you think that’s what it will take for them to come. Give your readers that extra push to actually try out your services for themselves!

o Cut costs with affordable and quality brochure printing. There is no need to worry about spending a quarter of your capital on brochure printing. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, then just search for Los Angeles printing online and find out what online printing company has the best deal for you!



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