The Source Channels the True Meaning of Consciousness


The word ‘consciousness’ is understood to have various meanings and interpretations to the one word. However, as I channel from the unseen by way of writing while I sleep I will focus this post on the true meaning of consciousness, based on the meaning from the channel.

Consciousness is universal energy, life. This life force or energy force is the golden cord that keeps us with the radar of earth. If you understand Astral travelling you will understand the link between the golden cord and consciousness. It must be understood that consciousness is not stagnant within the earth dimension; it can be transcendental within any dimension, from any post.

Consciousness travels from inside to out. From humans it’s from darkness into light, or from darkness into darkness universal energy. Life force is consciousness that we are attached to. Like the tree that carries branches but the branches cannot grow without the seed which gives it life to the tree. It’s the same concept with consciousness, a universal force from the Label Less creator to us, consciousness will not disappear when the flesh leaves your vessel, rather, consciousness has just began it journey outside the earth plane of man.

The writing says 26/11/08
“I say unto man see yourself not just as human beings, for man gave unto you the name human. I gave unto you universal energy that will take the inner self outside a label given by man. Use the wheel in your central vision to go beyond the label of earth, here you will learn the truth outside the dimension of man that will give you true conscious thoughts on the earth. Tiye Teach”.

This is clearly saying we are not only human beings by name given to us by our predecessors who are also like us. We are also part and parcel of the universal energy that surrounds us. We can go beyond our self, beyond our human selves beyond the label of man. When you achieve this you will learn more than those who just remain on earth, it’s like leaving a primary school to go to a secondary school to learn and gain more knowledge.

This will then give you more Conscious Communication thoughts on earth being more aware and awake to the illusion we are now evolved in. We as humans can go higher than our self and understand the vibrational patterns given unto us when we left consciousness, descending into the cavity of the womb with profound intelligence, to explore the earth and the consciousness within it. We are indeed super humans with all the multi dimensional abilities we just have to capture all that is given unto us!

The Writing says 10/1/09
“I say unto the earth of man, let it be told. Man began with consciousness entwined within the etheric body from the beginning, whose life entered the womb, the consciousness of self. Man’s internal breath is consciousness through the source until external breath prevails, then self becomes the wheel of the Aayuni Yeux Eyes. Use the central wheel vision for the way to Monadic consciousnesses Monadisch.”

If we began life with consciousness entwined within the etheric body from the beginning, then what is the etheric body? The etheric body is what feeds your physical body from the source of existence, and because it feeds the physical body all ailments to you passes through your etheric body before it reaches your physical being.

So, if you are emotionally unstable with stress anger or even hatred, before all that reaches your physical body it first encounters your shield, your etheric body, before it labours on to the physical you. This also applies to illnesses and diseases. Yes, it follows the same route. When you carry vengeance, reject and neglect the power of your being.

Not understanding the power of love and care will also affect your etheric/emotional body, which sends a signal to your physical body like an electric current, and you’re on your way to destruction. This can be stopped in its tracks with you connecting directly with the Label Less, the source of man, through consciousness.


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