The Mermaid – Fantastic Fancy Dress


The mermaid is a mythological creature that combines both a human and a fish. Almost every culture actually has their own form of the mermaid, and this is all without Wi-Fi. The most popular vision of the mermaid is the European human top with fish tail to replace the legs. However, this mythic beast does have a place in the fashion world.

In the world of the weddings, the mermaid dresses plus size is becoming the new classic for bridal dresses. Wedding dresses for the bride is a once in a life time event, and dresses are much like snowflakes not one are exactly the same. However, there are categories that each snowflake may fall into, and one of these categories is called the mermaid.

The mermaid dress is one where the hips are emphasized with the dress being slightly tight around it, and then letting loose with a gown like opening at the bottom; much like a “normal” dress where the opening is simply much lower to emphasize a classy sex appeal.

However, in the case of evening wear, however, the mermaid is becoming quite a fancy myth itself. It can be difficult to find a dress that is both sexy and classy without looking either too slutty, too cliche, or too “off.” However, with the mermaid outfit, almost in any color, but especially black, any woman can promote their hips just enough to not feel too self-conscious, but still look classic, stylish, and not pompous.



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