Tethered (PC/Console) VR Headsets


One thing to be aware of with VR sets in this realm is that you must ensure that your PC meets the minimum requirements of the set. Some sets may also offer Mixed Reality (MR) technology, which is a hybrid blend of both virtual and augmented reality.

MR allows users to interact with games and apps while moving about freely in your home environment. This works using built-in sensors (within the headset) that provide ‘inside-out’ tracking in 6 different positions (known as 6 Degrees of Freedom, or 6DoF). These positions include forward/backwards, left/right, up/down, pitch, yaw, and roll. Together these allow users to move about at will as they play or interact with MR content. Essentially, you won’t be limited or restricted by external sensors placed on your walls or floors.

This level of technology is something you can only really expect to find at the premium/tethered level of VR branded vr headsets though different VR sets will offer slightly different features and specs. To ensure a happy selection, be sure to read all of the details of any model you’re considering before making a final decision. Even so, to ensure you make the most of all your VR experiences, tethered headsets are definitely the way to go!

By now you should have a pretty good idea which classification of VR Headsets is right for you. If so, it may be time to begin the process of selecting your own ideal set. Having previously tested an Oculus Go myself, I can certainly speak to the quality of this particular model—but only this model (and only the 64GB version). I would love to be able to tell you what one of the premium tethered sets is like from personal experience, but all I can go by in the case of these models is their listed features and specs. They certainly do sound great!

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