Smart Home Security Tips For Vacation


This summer there will be approximately 40 percent of Americans that will leave home to go on a vacation according to surveys that have been conducted. Leaving home can present problems, if the house is not properly prepared for being left empty against thefts.

There are some smart tips for summer vacation time that can help prevent being in the percentage of homes that are broken into.

1. The first rule before going on vacation is to have a home security system and test it to make certain it works properly. There should also be a complete check of all doors and windows to ensure that everything is properly locked. If any locks need attention make them now, not when returning from vacation.

2. The second rule in leaving home for Orlando Homes For Vacation Rental is to make it appear there is someone home, this includes if the person that intends on breaking in comes close enough to the structure to listen. To prevent a break-in place sensors on lamps, televisions, and radios, this will make the home appear like someone is home no matter what time of day or night they approach the house.

3. The alarm system should be checked prior to leaving and armed; it is also possible to alert the monitoring center operators that you will be away on vacation.

4. The rooms that are located where someone would be able to see the contents of the room or whether the family is there or not should have the blinds and curtains closed. Doing this means the person breaking in will not know if anyone is home, or what they might find in the house.

5. Stop the mail and newspaper, do not make it appear these are piling up and in the mind of the person that wants to break into the residents will know it is safe, because the family is away. If it is a short weekend trip, arrange for a neighbor to pick up the mail and newspaper.

6. Turn the ringer off on the telephone, a non answered telephone will lend food for thought to the burglar as to whether the family is home.

7. Make certain that any key that is hidden outside of the home for emergencies is put away into a location in the home.

Spending the short amount of time it will take to employ these ideas is a sure way to help protect the house more and keep anyone from breaking-in. The advantages far outweigh the lack of using the smart tips that will make it appear that someone is home, even during the day with the sound of a radio or television.

The person breaking into a residence wants the least amount of resistance to them; it means an unlocked window, no home security system, and the oblivious signs that there is no one at home. This can be the house that does not have any lights that turn off and on during the evening, or it can be the mail and newspapers that are building up, rather than being taken in the house.


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