Sliding Wardrobe Doors


Today’s modern lifestyle is all about harmonisation, relaxation, and being able to “chill out” in your personalised living space at home. That’s why expert consultants feel privileged to come into your home and discuss your preferences when selecting a bedroom fitted wardrobe that’s right for you and is influenced by how you live your life, your busy work schedule, family commitments, stressful life and social engagements.

This in turn will dictate the amount of shelving, hanging space and drawers you need, even if a wardrobe with sliding wardrobes is right for you, or an open ‘reach-in’ space that’s a truly integrated part of your bedroom environment. Because there are no doors to block the light you can also see more easily what you are looking for!

Sliding wardrobe doors come in a wide range of finishes and styles to suit. How about glass, aluminum, mirrored or a vinyl finish? There is something to fit in with most people’s decor and style.

Of course, sliding wardrobe doors aren’t just for wardrobes. Often they are for fitted bedroom wardrobes and dressing rooms. They are an ideal space saver, especially if your bedroom isn’t as big as it could be. Using a mirrored sliding door also means you save space on a fill length mirror.

A tip is to use a design company to come in and talk to you about your requirements and needs. They are experience and have likely seen a similar situation to yours and can then advise appropriately. Some companies will even fit the sliding wardrobe doors for you.


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