Search Engine Marketing 104-Advanced Search Engine Techniques Overview


Search engine marketing is of course one of the best ways to tap into truly targeted traffic sources. The key with search engine marketing is that because it targets the search engine results that people get when they search for a specific term, if your web page is highly optimized for the same keyword for which they are searching Edwin Urrutia, and you rank highly in the search engine results, it is highly likely that they will land on your page, and also highly likely that they will like what they see on your page.

In the earlier versions of this article, in 101- 103, I covered on page and off page optimization techniques, in this one I cover the ideas behind advanced search engine marketing.

One of the key things here is that when you are competing for a certain keyword, you are competing only against those pages that are optimized for that specific keyword. No matter how they rank any where else, everyone is on equal footing, to some extent, for each keyword.

So you can go to the top 10 results of just about any keyword out there, study what they have done (sometimes nothing, just chance; easy to bump them out usually), and just do things a little bit better, and in theory, you should be able to bump them out of the spot. And keep in mind, it is not like you are bumping them from #1 to #100- all you are doing is moving each page one rank down, to make room for you, and of course you do that by doing each thing they do, a little bit better.



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