Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Use Organic Candles


Burn a candle; Take a stand, support a cause. Perform ceremonial observances, religious and social rites. An inspirational symbol of hope, empowerment, enlightenment and prosperity, reason and rationality. Keep a vigil for the lost, dead, damned or forgotten; keep a light burning in the window for your special someone to come home to. Take a walk down nostalgia lane with memories of family, fun and laughter. Dream of romance and roses and moonlight.

Utilized for light illumination before electricity began to be employed; candles are no longer necessary unless there’s a need for emergency lighting. Yet, evidently candles have long been more significant to people than just as a source of heat and light.

Nowadays mostly used for creating an ambiance, for aromatherapy or as mentioned above, for emergency lighting or religious purposes, candles are made with a host of innovative wax blends, different wicks, with or without perfumed oils, design or decorative elements, whether on the candle itself or as accessories. Singing or trick candles used for children parties are a fun example to illustrate this point. But there are some exquisite handcrafted candles as well for collectors or enthusiasts who like to unwind in a room lit with soft flickering flames held in a pretty glass jar.

With growing environmental concerns, people are beginning to look for organic candles with a lower or no carbon footprint such as wood wick candles which are growing extremely popular in demand. Wood wick Natural products are made of a blend of soy and bees wax. It is absolutely organic and natural. The fumes released leave no carbon trace, and still have enough toxic emission in the smoke released to look like the traditional lit, smoky candle. The wicks are made of organic wood and are responsible for creating a merry crackle reminiscent of logs burning in a cheery fireplace. Since the wick is made of wood, it is completely lead free, thus contributing to a healthier environment and certainly a healthier consumer, who doesn’t have to inhale the toxic fumes that a lead wick is bound to give out, and thus saves him from the detrimental health effect it can have.

The evanescent wood wick candle also releases natural aromatic scents that are spicy, floral, woodland, fruit and sweet. These heartwarming fragrances strike chords of nature, home and holiday times. These permeate the home creating naturally scented rooms that immediately signal to your senses the moment you walk in the door that you’re home. It makes for a refreshing encounter. The smell and sounds of warm burning wood combined together create a nesting atmosphere like no other and have a incomparably fantastic effect after a long tiresome day of work and hassle.



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