Mother’s Day Flower Bouquets – Best Flowers to Include in Them


In many parts of the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. People all over the world send flowers to their mothers on this special day. Thus, this is a quite a busy day for florists worldwide. Moreover, with so many florists available online, it has become very easy to send Mother’s Day flower bouquets even for those people, who are many miles away from their mothers. However, there are so many special bouquets for this occasion that one tends to get confused about which ones to pick. One thing to remember when choosing among the various bouquets is that the bouquet should contain suitable flowers for this special occasion. If there is still any confusion, one can ask the online florist to create a customized bouquet which includes suitable flowers. Some of the best flowers to include in these bouquets are mentioned below.


Carnations are the official flower delivery redmond oregon for Mother’s Day. They generally express love but each color of carnations has a different meaning. For example light red carnations symbolize admiration and white carnations represent pure love. Thus, it is best to research the meanings of different colors of carnations before choosing the most suitable ones. Usually, pink and white carnations are incorporated into the bouquets for this special day.


Lilies are another popular choice of flowers for this day. A bouquet of white lilies is suitable to give to one’s mother since these flowers represent purity and innocence. Moreover, there is a belief that a white lily was gifted to Virgin Mary by Angel Gabriel when he came to her to give the message of the birth of Jesus.


Although many people take roses to be the ultimate symbols of romance, roses are also popular as Mother’s Day flowers. There are many colors of roses and each color has its own meaning. Usually, white roses, which represent innocence and purity, and pink roses, which represent happiness are chosen for Mother’s Day.


Like roses, tulips also come in different colors which have different meanings. Red tulips represent pure love, yellow tulips mean “there is sunshine in your smile” and pink tulips signify care and well wishes. Thus, red, pink and yellow tulips are suitable for this occasion.


Daffodils are also suitable for inclusion in Mother’s Day bouquets. They signify rebirth, new beginnings, regard and unrequited love.

In addition to the flowers stated above, people can also include their mothers’ favorite flowers into the Mother’s Day flower bouquets since the preferences of their mothers are as important as the meaning of the flowers. Besides this, the beauty of the flowers should also be considered when selecting flowers to include in the bouquet.


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