Money and the Geek


I am an Ex-University Mathematics Lecturer who has specialised in probability and games of chance. I have also been employed by as a games programmer by a number of on-line casinos so I know what I am talking about.

I have devoted a large proportion of my life to studying the art of geek stuff and as a result I have been banned from some of the largest real life and on-line casinos. When I entered a casino for the first time I lost heavily and I wasn’t very pleased. I was used to success and I was irritated that something that seemed so simple was so difficult to predict. I was determined to win and after many years I realised that gambling follows simple, mathematical principles and casinos (and bookmakers) use them to tilt the odds in their favour. It was so simple I can’t understand why it took me so long.

All gambling is based upon the “law of averages” (with a few points on top for the casino) and they use simple statistics to gain a massive advantage. It is possible for individuals to use similar statistical techniques on games of chance such as roulette, poker etc and play the casinos at their own game. There are numerous systems available for each game and it is not possible or appropriate to go into detail here. Unfortunately, the casino owners soon realise what you are doing and you will get asked to leave. In any case, it is best to spread your winnings around as many casinos as possible so that you don’t draw attention to yourself. Every casino has an acceptable loss and you should take some of it.

I recommend the use of on-line casinos. The advantages of using on-line casinos are that nobody can see you, you can take as much time as you like and you can bet very small stakes.

You can also take advantage of the casino bonus system and deposit $100 because they will double it at least. You have made a profit of $100 before you start.


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