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The world runs like clockwork. Everything is programmed and reprogrammed to make life easier. In the endless endeavor to improve human life, companies develop applications that are directed at some facet of everyday human life. Software, like hardware is developed by people and as such is subject to flaws, some of them fatal.

Software Development Life Cycle

Every piece of software ever developed goes through what is known as a software development life cycle. The cycle begins when certain requirements come to light and it is determined that a potentially profitable piece of software can be developed. From there, the software is developed and is then tested so as to avoid bugs or flaws as discussed before.

Software Testing

Software testing is a crucial part of the SDLC. It can be done in-house using a dedicated team of testers or outsourced to Software Testing Services Company. While testing software, it is important to develop proper methods and procedures for testing and documentation so that it is clear to other developers how they should move forward or indicate what may be missing.

Outsourcing Software Testing

To make the process more streamlined, software development companies usually choose to outsource the developed code for testing. The independent software testing companies ensure that the person testing the software is in no way involved in the development of the code. Hence, the tester is only aware of what an end users will expect, thereby avoiding overlooking any quirks in the code.

Since his assumptions are different, the range of tests an independent tester conducts is also wider, thereby potentially improving the code and making it available for a larger user group. Also, an independent tester is not subject to reprisal from upper management, implying a more honest representation of the test results. Independent testers are also allotted separate budgets leading to a more streamlined and effective utilization of resources. Furthermore, outsourcing the testing phase is a more attractive option as the company doesn’t have to spend time and resources to train someone for the job.

Quality Assurance

When supplying software to customers, companies need to provide a quality assurance. This quality insurance informs customers of the scope of the software and promises to deliver to their expectations. This is an important reason for software testing. This is another reason independent testers are in demand. Having someone outside of the development phase test the software serves as a boost of confidence with regard to the working.

Clearly software testing and quality assurance go hand in hand. Without the first, there is no guarantee for the second. The only downside is that the separation between the development and testing teams can lead to an asynchronous perspective. The testers may not remain true to the original vision of the developed software and this could potentially lead to rifts.



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