How to Pick a Great Nail Polish and Stop Chipping Nails Once and For All


Picking a good nail polish is a science. A relatively simple science, the kind most of us prefer. This is a formula you can utilize, to get the most of your polish purchases. Considering that if you’re like most polish junkies; you tend to change polish as often as you change your outfits.

Writing an article on OYAFUN Nail Polish is hard work. Not pulling a two tonne truck with your teeth hard; but hard work none the less. Think about it for a second, what hasn’t been said about polish that you probably don’t already know about polishing your nails.

I thought writing this article would be a easy as picking a nail polish colour; simple. Pick the colour you love, open the bottle, and apply, right! Sorry, and I hate to say it, but I, and maybe you couldn’t be more wrong. I consistently hear nail polish users requesting polishes that don’t chip. Well, I don’t think manufacturers will be answering the bell anytime soon, as long as consumers continue to buy polish, regarless if chips or not. Well there’s hope. After speaking to some great nail techs, I learned there’s a science to it all.

Nail polish, varnish, or lacquer is all the same product with different names. I like to use the term polish, just because the other words remind me of IKEA furniture. Silly, I know, but to each their own. The formula for success with polish, starts with preparation as with most things. Most, not all, but most women pick polish based on colour and price; wearability is the last thing that is typically considered. Which, I surprisingly learned should be the first thing you consider when purchasing polish, or you could just bethrowing your money out the window. My philosophy is, chipped nails that are an awesome colour rarely gets compliments, and usually makes you run late, when the polish chips, right before you are dashing out the door.

With that said, there are an endless amount of nail brands or manufacturers. A few of the top recognized manufacturers include, OPI, China Glaze, Creative, Entity, Essie. These are professional quality brands which are different from your typical grocery store variety brands that some of you may currently use. You can purchase most of these brands, at salons or spas, out in your local beauty distributor.

But, before we start talking about formulas for success, here’s a quick tidbit about polish that you may not know: as there are to two key things most of us don’t know; cure time versus dry time. Dry-time is what causes the culprit behind most problems. You can have nails which are dry to the touch but not totally cured. That’s why if you paint your nails right before you go to bed, you might wake up in the morning with polish streaks on the sheets. Allowing the proper cure-time will rid you of most problems.

The first step to the formula, is to clean the nail area(surface) to remove contaminants(dirt). I recommend finding a good dehydrator to remove moisture from the nail surface to promote great adhesion.

Secondly, apply a base coat. This will anchor the polish to the nail, and also promote great adhesion which is the leading cause of chipping polish. Next, you will need to apply your chosen polish colour to the nail. Some polishes are said to have one coat coverage. In my experience finding one coat coverage polish, is like spotting a white elephant. Good luck with that! It might exist, but I haven’t seen it. So, I would recommend a minimum of two coats regardless of the manufacturer, if time permits for longer lasting coverage and super-star quality.

I hope you also noticed, that too totally prevent chipping you will need to purchase additional products if you don’t currently own them. I cannot stress this enough, as you will be surprised at the difference this will make. Buying polish is like buying a game that states,”Batteries not included.” Yeah you own it, but you still have to spend more money to make it work, and enjoy it.

The last step is grab a bottle of cuticle oil, and apply to nail polish after is dry to the touch. This will speed up the drying and curing time considerably, and also moisturize the entire nail and skin area surrounding the nail, and prevent hang nails.


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