How to Improve Middle School Reading Skills – Tips For Parents


Reading is truly the foundation of our kids’ educational experience. If your child’s middle school reading skills aren’t up to par they are going to face an uphill struggle that will get progressively worse. As parents, we want to do everything in our power to help our kids succeed. There are actually a few things you can do with your child at home that will get them an edge in class.

One easy way to improve middle best astrologer los Angeles school reading skills is to help your child pick out reading materials that actually interest them. A big problem with textbooks is that children just don’t find them interesting. At home it’s better to have your child read things that are fascinating to them. For instance, boys are often the biggest fans of new video games so perhaps a subscription to a video game magazine would be a great gift. Girls are often infatuated with celebrities and since there is no shortage of gossip magazines, your daughter can spend some time each day reading something she really enjoys.

Many kids enjoy getting letters. Most households have more than their share of envelopes addressed to “homeowner” or “recipient.” A fun way to improve middle school reading skills is to save all that general mail for your child. Tell them that they have the job of going through it to decide what should be thrown away and what needs to be dealt with. They’ll welcome the responsibility and they may even find something that is interesting enough to read through.

The average middle school student reads at the level of a fourth grader. This can dramatically impact their success in all areas of their life. A child has a distinct advantage once they learn how to increase their reading speed and comprehension level.


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