How to Decode the Adult ADHD Symptoms


It is often mistakenly believed that ADHD is a condition that only affects children. It is true that ADHD affects children, but did you know that a majority of the children who have ADHD carry it on to their adulthood as well? Read this article and learn about the adult ADHD symptoms and the ways to deal with them.

The adult ADHD symptoms are not as pronounced. However, they are present and should be understood and addressed. The main signs include:
Impulsiveness – Children, who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, are often impulsive and say and do things without thinking. The case isn’t similar in adults. While they still remain impulsive, the focus shifts from saying to acting. In other words, the adults cannot control their actions and hence end up shopping, gambling or drinking impulsively.

Hyperactivity – Though hyperactivity is the most common child ADHD add symptoms symptom, it fades away almost completely in adults. This is the reason why many people insist on calling the condition ADD (attention deficit disorder) rather than ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). This, however, cannot rule out the fact that a small percentage of adults affected by ADHD do show signs of hyperactivity.

Inattention – This is an ADHD symptom common to both children and adults. Patients who suffer from the disorder often find it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Adults who engage in conversations lose account of the subject due to inattention. This is a very common adult ADHD symptom.

Social Problems – People who display abnormal levels of social-incompatibility may also be suffering from ADHD. ADHD affected adults often find it difficult to maintain personal relationships. As a result, divorce and separation rates are very high among them. Also they cannot make and keep friends for a long time and face problems at their workplaces. Frequent job changes, dismissals and arguments are common.

Substance abuse – ADHD affected adults often become substance abusers. Apart from excessive smoking and drinking, they often turn to drugs as well.


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