How to Choose Colored Lenses for Different Looks?


Contact lenses are used for various purposes. Some people use them to correct their vision. And, some people wear them to enhance the look of their eyes. Various types of contact lenses are available that can correct the vision of eyes, as well as change the color of the eye.

Colored lenses have become a beauty and grooming statement for many people. These days you can witness many people using the tinted contact lenses to enhance the colour of their eyes.

No doubt colored contact lenses can enhance the look on every occasion. You can even mix and match the color of contact lens with the outfits.colored lenses are available in all beautiful shades like, light blue, green, hazel, violet, aqua, honey, turquoise, sea green, etc. You can choose any color according to your desire or outfit.

Color of your own eyes

The first step for choosing the right colored contact lens requires you to evaluate your own eyes. Look closely at your eyes and evaluate what color would match and enhance the look of your eye.

For fair skin

Also, while choosing you must consider the skin tone. If the color of the contact lens will not match with your skin color or dress then it will certainly ruin the complete look. For instance, if you have fair skin than grays and blue shade will look fabulous on you. You can also choose bright and shiny colors like, Carrabin aqua and Turquoise. This color gives the freshness kind of look to the person with fair skin.

For dark skin

If you have a dark skin tone or chocolate skin tone then autumn or honey colored contact lenses can give the glowing look. This type of colored lens can give the mischief look of the eye. For the cooler look, a person can choose amethyst or misty grey. Both these colors have the capability to add sexiness to the eyes. A person with a dark skin tone can also wear blue or green colored contact lens. Bright color shades are completely prohibited for people with such skin tone. Bright shade of contact lens will definitely ruin the look of a person with dark skin.

For tanned skin

People with the skin tone of tanned or olive can choose bright shade colored contact lenses. The bright shade of lenses will add a glow to the face. It is recommended that a person shouldn’t wear green makeup with such skin tone. Green make up with green lenses will make them look dull. Grey, hazel and honey are other preferred color for such skin. Navy blue contact lens is also recommended to enhance the look of tanned or olive skin tone people’s. Navy blue contact lens will give a subtle look to the people who have such skin tones.



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