How to Boost Your Coaching Sales Through Content Based Marketing Solutions


Here’s the truth; there’s no better way to sell information based products than through content based marketing solutions. You see, before you can get people to buy your eBooks or your coaching programs, you need to give them proofs that you’re an expert; that you can provide them with the best answers to their questions, that you can give them expert advice, and that you can take them by the hand and help them get to where they would like to be. That’s something that you cannot achieve through ads alone, right?

Here’s how you can boost your coaching sales through content based marketing solution:

1. Article marketing. There’s no better way to start the whole process than through article marketing. Although this technique is considered old, it still definitely works. Here’s how you can use this to promote your programs:

• Choose topics that are closely related to your coaching programs. If you’re coaching other people about ABM platforms for example, you can write articles on SEO, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, etc. You can also offer how-to guides, provide expert advice on how to attract traffic for example, or give out useful tips.

• Share your in-depth knowledge. Be very generous when sharing useful information as this is the only way to show your potential clients that you’re really an expert. The more you share, the more people will like and trust you.

• Make your articles keyword-rich. Don’t forget about SEO when writing your articles to make them easier to find online. Place your main keyword on your title, all throughout your article body, and on your resource box.

• Distribute your articles. Get your articles listed on top directories that have amazing page ranking. This will allow you to easily put your articles in front of your potential clients each time they search for keywords that you’re using on your articles.

• Make use of powerful resource box. The main idea here is to send as much qualified traffic as possible to your website. It would really greatly help if you use a powerful resource box. For this, I would suggest that you tell your readers who you are. Then, give them valid reason to check your website out. Giving them just enough information and leaving them wanting for more works all the time.

2. Forum and blog commenting. This method is definitely one of my favorites and it never fails to bring me enormous, high quality traffic. Although it requires time and energy, it’s definitely worth it. Here’s how you can use it:

• Start by researching the top blogs and forums about your chosen niche.

• Sign up an account and create a signature (for forum commenting). It must include your name, the nature of your business, and your site’s URL.

• Spend at least an hour per day logging in to forums. Your goal here is not to talk about your coaching programs but to build relationship with your prospects. Talk to them, offer them with great advice, offer in-depth explanation on those things that confuse them, offer them with tips, share some trade secrets, and share with them your techniques that they’ll find useful. It is through this that they’ll see you as someone who they can go to should they need information. That’s actually good for your image.

• Do the same with related blog. Visit them as often as possible and comment on new posts. You can offer additional information or give your take on every issues being discussed. Don’t forget to insert your site’s URL on each comment or feedback that you make.


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