How To Be Safe When Using Compaction Equipment


Anyone that is a member of the general workforce, or is dedicated to engaging in local recycling tasks is extremely familiar with the compaction equipment that has to be used inside of recycling facilities. However, even though many adults have a keen idea of what a auger style compactors service is, many adults do not have a clue about the jobs that the equipment inside of these plants are expected to carry out.

The most popular piece of recycling equipment located in one of these plants is the machine that is used to break down garbage and other types of waste. The main purpose of the machine is to separate different types of waste, and crush them down to conserve space. Obviously, overtime the biodegradable products that are thrown into the trash will sink into the ground, thus providing additional space for more trash thereafter.

Cardboard recycling is becoming extremely popular these days as well. In order to keep these materials organized, there is a special machine used to recycle cardboard items. When the items that are made from cardboard are received at a local plant, the boxes must first be flattened out and placed onto this particular machine. The machine will then drag the items and press them into bails that can be carried away.

Even though all of these machines may seem harmless, there are a lot of important safety rules and guidelines that employees are mandated to follow when they are allowed to operate this heavy machinery. First and foremost, minors are not allowed to utilize this equipment at any time. If a minor were to use any of these machines, the company that houses these machines on their property could be fined.

Before these pieces of machinery can be used, employees will need to ensure that all of their recyclable waste is placed inside of these large barrels successfully. All waste must be inside of the barrel, without any piece of the waste sticking out. If there is a piece of waste sticking out, you should attempt to squeeze this waste into its proper receptacle, so it does not harm the machinery in any way.

A lot of these machines are operated by buttons. Once you have properly packed all of the materials you need to pack inside of the machinery, you will need to press a button located on the side of the equipment. Before you press this button, you will need to ensure that there are no individuals in front of, behind or around the machine.

After these machines have carried out their compacting duties, they must be emptied regularly. Typically, there will be a little light that will pop up on the external surface of the machine that will tell employers and employees that the machines must be emptied. Emptying procedures can be daunting, and your employer will need to show you how to execute this task.



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