How Much Should You Pay for Car Window Tinting?


nowing how much you have to pay for your car window tinting, you can be sure that you are not overspending. Today, the price of having your car tinted can range from as cheap. How then can we say that a price can be considered as reasonable? Here are some tips to read to help you decide.

• If you get your car tinted in fly-by-night shops, then its price should belong to the lower half of the price range which is about. If you get it at luxury tint shops, then it will cost more, probably

• Consider the type of car that you have. Some car types and models are harder to tint than others so the cost increases also. Some cars have steep and curved windows which are hard to tint. A larger window also uses up more window film to tint, so the cost also increases.

• Be careful because some car shops may use the above explanation to increase their price quote even if the car window Automotive Tint of your car does not require extra. Do not let yourself be taken advantage of.

• Ask what type of tinting film that will be used on your car. The cheaper tinting film may reduce the overall car window tinting cost but has lesser quality and may require a more frequent re-tinting. They can fade, bubble or turn into purple easily over time. They become unable to block the sun’s glare. High-end tint films will make the cost expensive, but may prove to be a good investment in the long run. They are better in performance and some offer a lifetime warranty.

• The type of warranty that comes with the tinting also influences the cost. The typical warranty offers replacement for glazing, cracking, peeling or bubbling car window tinting problems. Some warranties offer replacements when the color of the tint changes over time. Some warranties are transferable which means that when the car is sold to another person, the warranty can be passed on.

• A lifetime warranty can also be offered, especially by higher-end car shops which use the top-of-the-line tinting films. Be careful though, as fly-by-night shops who offer lifetime warranties can fool you. These shops tend to disappear within months or a couple of years, and even if you have the warranty the shop won’t be there to replace your damaged tint.


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