Getting a Good Deal on Your Gym Membership


Gym membership pricing

Most gyms charge a joining fee and monthly charge (usually taken by a direct debit from your bank account). Fees depend on the popularity, location and facilities the Gym membership or health club offers and can vary greatly. Fee’s usually increase inline with the cost of living in the local area as most customers of the gym will be from within a 10 mile radius or less of the club.

When considering costs look at associated costs not just the joining fee and monthly charge. These might include things like:


  1. Fee’s for classes like spinning or circuits – some gyms will include these in the price of membership, others will charge extra
  2. If you intend to use additional spa facilities such as massage or treatments while at the health club how do these prices compare
  3. Will you need to drive or get public transport to the gym? If so how much will you spend on things like buses or parking


Discounts and incentives

Some gyms and health clubs will offer joining incentives such as reduced joining fees or free gifts. Many will offer a cash gift if you refer a friend as a member which may save you money indirectly.

You should also enquire as to whether the gym offers different membership tariffs for off-peak use which will only allow you to use facilities when the gym is at quiet times such as during the mornings or later in the evening. This type of membership may suit you if you can be flexible with when you plan to visit.

Some gyms will have a fixed tariff which sales staff must stick to but others will allow their sales team some degree of flexibility with tariffs so its always worth politely asking for a discount.

Another common discount offered by gyms and health clubs is a family or couples membership where you can receive a reduced joining fee or membership rate by joining up at the same time as your partner or perhaps joining the whole family up together.

Membership terms

You should be sure to review the contract you are entering with the gym before you join up. A joining fee is common place but find out if this is repayable annually or a one-time fee.

You should also study the clauses around ending your contract in case you may want to move to another gym for any reason or if you are unable to train due to injury or illness. Because of the recurring nature of gym memberships you will continue to pay for your membership monthly until you cancel your contract.

Corporate memberships

Another great way to get a reduced (or even free) gym membership is to join a corporate membership programme. Your employer may already offer this as a perk of your employment package in which case you may need to join the pre-determined gym which your company has an agreement with. Other corporate gym membership schemes will allow you a set budget to spend on a gym membership of your choosing (this may offer companies certain tax exemptions’ for larger businesses).


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