Get workspace products tailored to your needs with Oakywood’s 3D customizer


Create office furniture and accessories that fit your space, needs, and aesthetics with the Oakywood 3D customizer. It makes ordering custom gear quick and easy.

Design the office of your dreams with the Oakywood 3D product customizer. This innovative tool takes online shopping to a new era, creating a workspace that fits you, your goals, and your work environment.

Want to design the perfect home office? It might be as easy as buying properly sized and designed office furniture. And doing that is about to become much easier thanks to Oakywood’s 3D product customizer.

This cool feature is available on the Oakywood website, and it lets you adjust product colors, dimensions, shapes, materials, and more to match your personal needs and tastes. It takes online shopping to a new level. Let’s check it out!

Customize your office furniture’s size and shape

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to office furniture. A person working in a studio apartment likely needs a different desk than someone working in a more spacious environment.

Oakywood understands and offers its Standing Desk and Classic Desk in a range of dimensions and shapes. And they’re all easily viewable on Oakywood’s 3D product customizer.

For instance, you can customize the Standing Desk to be anywhere between 120 cm and 200 cm in length and 60 cm to 100 cm in width. Also, you can choose from worktop shapes like Round Steep, Round Straight, Sharp Steep, and others.

So the 3D customizer helps you design office furniture and accessories that fit your space and needs. And you can see what your customized product looks like from multiple sides, helping you envision it in your office.

Select colors that complement your workspace

There’s no doubt about it, color is important. Say you finally located the perfect desk shelf for your standing desk. But it comes in only walnut, which would clash with your current design

With Oakywood products, particularly the Oakywood Desk Shelf, that’s not an issue. Each product that works with the customizer has multiple color options, ensuring you aren’t limited to just 1 color.

The Desk Shelf, for one, comes in 5 color options: Black, Oak, Oak Veneer, Walnut, and Walnut Veneer. It’s quite a palette of colors, ensuring you get the right hue for your workspace and style, whether that’s modern minimalism or a cozy eco-friendly vibe.

The other products that work with the Oakywood 3D product customizer—Standing Desk, Classic Desk, and Felt&Cork Desk Mat—all come in a range of color options. And you can see each on the product you’ve customized.

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