Data Recovery Tools – Which One to Use?


Data recovery tools are widely available so that you can successfully recover your own files. That’s not just marketing talk: I’ve experienced it first-hand. Just know that if you have accidentally erased an important file and thought it might be gone for good, a variety of data recovery for pc tools are out there ready to recover your data.

If you have gone through the experience of needing data recovery tools before, you know how important it is to establish a system for backing up. That’s my only lecture to you. You can now pass go to download data recovery tools. However if this is your first time, you first need to spend three more minutes to get an overview of what to do.

The recovery products dilemma

There are a number of different data recovery tools available right now to restore data are software programs. But there are so many different products available that finding just one or two can seem a little overwhelming. In an effort to make more money, lots of vendors will separate their software into several utilities to make more money. Often all this does is make a lot of consumers confused.

Use your own data recovery tools

This might seem obvious to you, but many computer users forget all about using the data recovery tools that are already available on their computers. The Trash Bin on your desktop may have a secondary copy that can be reused. Try searching for any copy throughout you entire computer through the search function.

Start with the Trash Bin. Click on the icon and begin searching through all of the trashed files. If you find what you need, double click the file and you will see the restore button. The Search function can help locate missing files. It is located in different places according to the operating system you are using.

At the bottom of the computer screen in Windows look for the magnifying glass within the start icon. When you open it, directions instructing you on how to proceed will appear to the left. It’s been a while since I’ve done it for Mac but they have a pretty similar data recovery module.

Trying professional tools

After you have tried the above mentioned recovery options and still get no results, then it is time to move on professional data recovery tools. You may be glad to find out that there are some free data recovery tools available. However, many of these programs are not all that powerful, so you may need to try quite a few of them. Searching for these free programs can take some time too. So take this in to consideration.

If you want to get your data back quickly without trying out a bunch of different methods that may not work, start looking for data recovery tools online that have dollar signs next to them. The data recovery tools that cost are more powerful than free utilities. And all data recovery tools allow you to try them out first before purchasing, so that you can make sure they actually work.

All data recovery tools have limits. They cannot promise recovery 100 percent of the time, so there is a chance they may not work. Your next option is to contact an experienced data recovery company. A professional service is more expensive than using data recovery tools on your own, but they can get back your data.



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