Cocaine Treatment – What to Expect and How to Prepare For Withdrawal


The choice to get help with an addiction to cocaine use is going to be the most beneficial and healthiest decision made. Treatment programs for cocaine addiction have an ultimate goal of a safe detox through a gradual and safe process and promoting, teach and enforce abstinence.

The primary step when entering a treatment center is to completely cleanse the body of the harmful and abusive toxins that have be introduced to and taken up residence in the body. The total cleansing process may take as few as four months to as many as ten months to completely rid the system of the cocaine. Treatment will actually begin after the body has recovered from the absence of Cocaine withdrawal and all of the body’s natural chemicals are back to normal.

There are several different courses that can be taken as a part of cocaine treatment. Treatment centers will work closely with the addict to provide them with counseling, therapy, education and hospitalization if required. Detoxing from cocaine requires the individual be medically monitored during the entire process as the withdraw symptoms can be very intense as well as dangerous. It is highly recommended that you seek medical help before beginning the detox on your own as it can be very dangerous to your heath.

A cocaine treatment center is a well supervised facility that provides the individual with a safe and monitored detoxification. Following the initial impact of withdrawal, the person will need to be observed and encouraged on effective ways to control the cravings. Cocaine is an extremely addictive drug and an addict will do whatever means necessary to give in to the temptations if they are not safely monitored.

The initial detoxification period will basically depend on the individual and the severity of their addition. Prior to going through the process of detoxing, the person will have to get both physical and psychological assessments to determine what the extent of treatment will be required and to determine if their current health is strong enough to go through the process and at what rate. The doctor performing the physical exam will explain in detail the entire process, what to expect and what is expected of addict.

Being addicted to cocaine and preparing for detox requires you to be physical strong as well as mentally ready and capable to deal with the consequences that detox will present. Cocaine withdrawal will generally begin to kick in approximately 12 to 24 hours after the detox has begun. The symptoms will get somewhat intense for approximately five days, but within a week they will begin to dramatically subside. Due to the intensity of the symptoms, medical supervision is crucial.

Cocaine treatment has several different processes involved other than detoxing. Once you have gone through the detoxification process safely, the treatment center will most likely not simply send you on your way. There will most likely be rehab options as well to help you stay cocaine free, healthy and to give you the tools for making good decisions.

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