Building A Concrete Driveway


Building a concrete driveway is an effective way to prevent soil erosion in your lawn and also allowing a more stable grip for your car in any weather. Driveway also gives a great looking outdoors for your house and if maintained well is a great solution for you.

Most engineering constructions at your home will need the prior approval of the plan from the local assessing body. Ensure that you have the plan sanctioned. Once that is done start by assessing the nature of the soil of your lawn with the help of a soil expert

Also remove any grass of other plants etc which may be in the area. In some places the soil is loose like in the desert areas where the heavy pictures of resin driveways will not be able to settle down. You will need to remove the soil and replace that with a firm based materials and the make the construction.

For colder temperatures ensure that the soil is mixed with gravel and other stones are properly crushed so as not to allow the same to expand when the water freezes. That could spell doom for your driveway as it will have gaping cracks.

Once the soil is taken care of, start working on the planned design by marking the layout of the plan using metal or wooden boards or stakes. Ensure to maintain the driveway width sufficiently to allow your car or truck to move freely without any problems. Around 8-10 feet is enough for domestic driveways.

When trying to construct the driveway there could be certain utilities like gas, electricity or water that may be directly under the planned area. Ensure that they are either alternatively placed or you have taken it in to account before you begin the work.

After the form of the driveway has been placed, next comes the material to ensure that the thickness is going to be an optimum uniform throughout. A driveway should be around 4-6 inches in uniform thickness. Some people may also consider using reinforced steel bars to strengthen the entire driveway. You can use one depending upon your need.

The final task is the laying of the concrete. The laying truck has to be positioned in such a way that it can easily lay down the concrete without any problems. If the position is not suitable or if there are any obstructions then use a concrete pumping machine. You can get that when you employ a contractor to do the job. They will pour the concrete and complete the finishing work.


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